Monday, 25 April 2011

Photo or Story led - what sort of Scrapbooker are you?

Most often my scrapbooking is 'event' scrapping, so birthdays, Christmas, family get-togethers etc and, as I am sure you all do, I have loads of photos from these sorts of things.  But sometimes it is the story that initiates my scrapbooking and in those cases I will find a photo to showcase the story rather than adding journaling to photos as I would for say one of my children's birthdays.  Two examples below demonstrate where I have been led by the story I want to tell rather than the photos I want to showcase.

This layout 'Being Your Mum' allowed me to talk about the relationship I have with my daughter and the joy I have had being her Mum.  She is now 16 and this photo was just one I loved of the two of us together so the photo was there to enhance the story.

And this layout 'And then there were 3' tells of how our holiday last summer was the first one where my son, now 18, didn't come with us.  We were very lucky that he had been happy to holiday with us for as long as he did and our holiday was shared with many other family members and we had a great time but nevertheless, this was a new era of our lives and I wanted to document it.  The photo was purely one from our holiday that had the three of us in it.

Both layouts were made using the Bellaboo March Kit 'For the Record' which uses the papers from Echo Park's range by the same name.  This was a deviation to Echo Park's usual style but was an absolute joy to use together with all the embellishments included in the Kit and if you would like more details on the kit then can be found here

So if your usual scrapbooking style is more 'events' led then why not try something a little bit different and let your layout be led by 'the story'.


  1. Lovely to find you now have a blog! I forgot what such lovely papers Bellaboo get in and its made me want to get scrapping again as I havent for a long time!
    Looking forward to seeing more posts and some challenges!!! :)
    josie xx

  2. Great layouts, love the typist key letters! I'm most often a story led scrapbooker.

  3. Thank you for your kind comments, glad you like the layouts and it is good to hear how others approach their scrapbooking Olivia. Really hope we can persuade you back to this great hobby Josie!!!